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Crafting Precision and Quality

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FRESATUDO was founded in 2009 in the old facilities of the Calhandriz village, with an area of about 250 m2, dedicated to precision mechanics, namely the manufacture of tools and the machining of precision parts, with an application in different industries, predominantly in the aeronautical industry.

The company started with two founding members and was growing, seeking to broaden and diversify its market position and adjusting the products and manufacturing methods to new and growing market requirements.

This adaptation, which has been carried out in several stages, required a significant investment in highly technical equipment, allowing the manufacture of products with higher precision and quality requirements.

The move to the current facilities, which occurred in 2013, allowed to increase the useful working space to 700 m2, and allowed the company to expand the restructuring process in key sectors. This was done with a view to greater profitability. of productive assets, with particular emphasis on the areas of Planning, Programming and Quality, and to create conditions for the certification of its Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of the reference standards EN 9100 and ISO 9001, a situation that occurred in 2014.

The current location of the company, in an industrial park near the main road accesses, facilitates the access and transport of products, contributing to greater fluidity in their delivery to customers.


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Metalomecânica de Precisão,LDA
Zona Industrial de Vale Figueira,
Rua da Fé, Nº6A, 2695-570 São João da Talha